Top Benefits Of A Freestanding Bath With Plumbing

A bathtub can be a great source of relaxation and therapy for sore muscles, and no bathroom should be without one. When constructing or remodeling a bathroom, homeowners can choose between two types of bathtubs: a built-in tub or a stand-alone tub. While a built-in tub can include a shower, a bathroom with a stand-alone tub requires a separate shower stall. The following are some of the top benefits of choosing a Freestanding Bath with Plumbing.

Flexibility In Placement

One of the top advantages of installing a stand-alone tub is that it can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, including the middle of the floor. As long as plumbing is connected, there are no limits to placement, so homeowners can create any layout they want.

Luxurious Aesthetic

Without a doubt, a stand-alone tub has a more luxurious look than a built-in tub. Modern tubs are available in a wide variety of elegant shapes and high-quality materials, such as cast iron and stone, that can make any bathroom look beautiful and impressive.

Design Options

Compared with built-in tubs, there are many more styles to choose from when purchasing a stand-alone tub. For example, a clawfoot tub has a vintage appeal, while a pedestal tub has a sleek, modern look. The slipper tub, with its reclining roll-top shape, is an especially luxurious style that offers both aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Spacious Feel

Not only are freestanding tubs elegant features, but they add a feeling of spaciousness to any bathroom. The frame around a built-in tub is a wall that closes off space, while the empty area around and underneath a stand-alone tub gives the room a more open, spacious look.

Easy Installation

Another benefit of choosing a freestanding tub is the fact that it will be simple to install. Since there is no need to build a framework for the tub, a plumber just needs to connect the plumbing. The ease of installation also lowers the cost of installing a freestanding tub.

While stand-alone tubs are not typically the cheapest option, they are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to design a luxurious and aesthetically appealing space. With the right tub, a bathroom is truly a sanctuary from the demands of daily life.

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