Three Unique Bedroom Ideas to Create a Restful Space

As individuals spend more time looking at screens and more time away from home in the evenings, their ability to wind down before bed decreases and negatively affects the quality and quantity of their sleep. One way a person can combat this problem is to design their bedroom to be a restful space that will aid in their nighttime relaxation. Three unique bedroom ideas that will help create a restful space are to use soft colors in decorating, take advantage of natural light, and choose comfortable bedding.

Use Soft Colors in Decorating 

While it may be tempting to design a child’s or adult’s room with their favorite colors, it is a far better idea to choose a color that is conducive to sleep. Soft pastels, grays, and whites all promote feelings of calmness and can be soothing to the bedroom’s occupants. On the other hand, colors that are loud and bright can be detrimental to relaxation.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Whether a bedroom has one or multiple windows, a person should use them to their advantage. Studies have shown that blue light, such as the light emitted by the sun in the mornings, tends to awaken and energize people, while red light, such as that emitted by the sun in the evenings, has the opposite effect. Use soft-colored, sheer curtains and blinds that open and close easily to get the full benefit of this natural light.

Choose Comfortable Bedding

It can be tempting to purchase a mattress and bedding simply because of the price. A person feels good about getting something on sale or finding a great deal. However, bedding is something a person should not skimp on. Choose a mattress that supports the preferred sleeping position and soft, comfortable bedding. Hot sleepers might consider bedding made from eucalyptus because it is naturally cooling, while cold sleepers might choose flannel and down.

Most doctors would agree that sleep deprivation is a growing problem among people of all ages. Though television, tablets, and smartphones may be partly to blame, it can be difficult for people to give up those devices completely. Designing a bedroom to be a peaceful space can go a long way in promoting good sleep habits. By incorporating three decorating ideas, a person can create a restful space.

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