Responsibilities Of Homeowners and Exterminators To Eliminate Bedbugs

Once individuals discover they have bedbugs inside their home they must act fast to get rid of them. These tiny pests multiply at an alarming rate and before long they’ll infest the whole house. Read the information below to learn how a pest control professional can help to get rid of the bedbugs inside a home and the responsibilities of a homeowner during this process.

Treating The Home With Heat

When exterminators use heat treatments to eradicate bedbugs, they use special heat-generating equipment that increases the temperature inside the house. They do not allow people and pets inside the home during these treatments because the temperature can reach up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the bedbugs.

A qualified exterminator will use thermometers in each room of the home to ensure that the heat reaches the desired temperature. A treatment can last up to 8 hours, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Treating The Home With Insecticides

After performing a heat treatment, a professional may also recommend an insecticide treatment. An exterminator may use an insecticide that works immediately for certain areas of the home. Additional insecticide applications may include sprays and powders that are placed along baseboards, cracks and other hard to reach areas.

Homeowner Responsibilities

Besides contacting an exterminator to destroy the bedbugs, individuals should wash their clothing and bed linens in hot water and dry them on high heat for 30 minutes. After washing and drying, individuals must place these items in a plastic trash bag and seal it tight. Individuals must not remove these items from the bags until the exterminator has finished the treatments.

Individuals should use a vacuum cleaner on their carpeting, mattresses, and all furniture that’s upholstered. After vacuuming, remove the bag from the vacuum and discard it outside in a trash bag. Homeowners must follow all other instructions that are provided by the exterminator prior to treatment to eliminate the bedbugs.

It’s very important that the homeowner and the exterminator work together to rid the house of bedbugs. When homeowners fail to do their part, the infestation will continue. By taking on the responsibilities listed above along with communicating with the exterminator, homeowners can have a bug free home.

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