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Martial arts and combative sports is one of the ways that we can use to better ourselves. When you engage yourself in this, you get to learn something new that you had not before and thus broadening your knowledge scope.
In as much as there are many schools that combine the two together, they are totally different concepts. The goals of the two things differ from one another.
Martial arts has some characteristics that define it such as art of war and is aimed at defeating the enemy using any means, is based on survival and a way of life, tradition is involved in it and has teachings and knowledge that is passed on to generations.
Martial arts is also focused on some values that it expects to instill in its students being discipline, respect, loyalty and friendship with many others.
The definition of the combative sports is different from martial arts in that it has an activity that is regulated, comprises of competitions, breaks and rules which ensure that the opponent that is one facing does not get seriously injured. This concept does not go without security in that there is a person who takes care of this ensuring the participants are protected and prevents foul play.
The two aspects have some benefits to those who indulge in them. It is beneficial to study martial arts and combative sports such as; it acts as confidence booster which is important in developing this value especially if you were suffering from low self esteem, physical activity is promoted as the body is actively involved in learning the moves and skills which can be great for your health and also takes you away from the sedentary lifestyle, you gain the value of self discipline which is crucial to help you make priorities in life and help you in setting and achieving your goals, it is very important as it helps you to acquire self defense skills that will protect you in case you face a dangerous situation, conflict resolution can also be gained from this in as much as there is physical confrontation one can achieve a connection and peaceful way to resolve conflicts, the mind is sharpened with it as you get tasks that you need to overcome and move plus skills you need to learn, it also sharpens your focus in that you need to pay attention and concentrate n the task at hand if you are to succeed, respect is also instilled as one of the, social skills are also boosted in that you get to interact with other people and get to make new acquaintances, perseverance is one of the skills that you gain with martial arts and combative sports that will help you get through life and withstand difficult situations, it helps you to improve on your listening skills as well as retention.

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